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I'm Kelson Thorne, an artist from Petersburg, West Virginia. I graduated from WVU in 2019 with a BFA in painting. I am most known for creating large-scale murals and public art installations that represent the Appalachian communities, businesses, and cultures.

In addition to my public art projects, I also work on smaller, more personal works. These pieces allow me to engage in self-reflection and express my own experiences and emotions through painting. These artworks look very different than my murals; the styles I paint are forever changing. It is something I have learned to embrace. 

 By working on both public art and smaller projects, it has allowed me to see art in two different lights. Art is something that can bring people together and it is something I can enjoy when I'm alone.

- Kelson

If you'd like to learn more about my artistic practice and endeavors you can watch the Art Junkie Documentary by Smith Pines Media posted below.

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