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Hi there, I'm a muralist from Petersburg, West Virginia. Growing up, I was always into sports, but deep down, I had a passion for art. When it came time to choose a major in college, I knew that art was where I wanted to focus my energy.


After graduation, I started painting murals in my hometown and quickly realized that this was my calling. I loved using my artistic talents to create something beautiful and meaningful for the community to enjoy.


As I began exploring other rural communities throughout Appalachia, I was struck by the unique culture and businesses that make each town so special. I knew that I wanted to highlight these local gems through my art.


Through my murals, I aim to capture the spirit of each community I work with. Whether it's a vibrant mural celebrating a local festival or a tribute to the town's rich mining history, I always strive to create something that speaks to the heart of the community.


For me, the process of creating public art is about more than just painting a pretty picture. It's about engaging with the community, learning about their stories and experiences, and using those insights to create something truly meaningful.


I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to do what I love for a living and to make a positive impact in the communities I work with. My hope is that my art inspires others to appreciate the unique culture and businesses that make rural Appalachia such a special place.

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